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Bed Liner Thicker Than Gator Skin!

After checking several different sources I found that the thickness of an alligators skin is roughly 4.2 millimeters, that is way over double that of a humans.  The Dual Liner bed liner uses the thickest floor mat in the industry, it is a full 3/8ths of an inch thick. 3/8ths inch equals 9.5250 millimeters. This mat is a  “Zero Skid” mat that has great traction, it holds your cargo right in place. The truck owners that we talked to placed a high importance on keeping their cargo safe as well as their truck bed.  Since the mat is so thick it offers great dent protection, by absorbing even the hardest impact from the most extreme cargo.  The bottom of the mat it is ribbed (and no this is not for anybody’s pleasure), this is what keeps the mat from laying directly on the trucks bed. The airspace that is created allows moisture to drain out the factory designed drain holes effectively reducing the risk of rust, mold, and mildew.  Truck bed protection is not the only part of truck that the Dual Liner protects, they also offer complete sidewall protection as well.

"Gator skin is Tough, Dual Liner is Tougher"

The side wall panels put the “Dual” in Dual Liner.  By using dual technologies to protect each piece of the truck bed you get the maximum amount of protection and the least amount of draw backs. Other types of bed liners either cause damage to the trucks finish or they require grinding it off to get the bed liner chemicals to adhere. The Dual Liner makes each panel custom fit to each individual make and model of truck, this eliminates any harm done to the trucks finish due to chaffing or just plan moving around.  Since the sidewalls are not used to hold cargo in place there was no need to use rubber for the sidewalls, the sidewalls are made from vacuum formed polypropylene which offers  far superior dent resistance than a spray on bed liner.  All the other bed liner manufacturers warn against commercial uses as well, the Dual Liner is tough enough to stand up to contractor grade abuse and will not void the warranty because of that. The complete bed liner has a very sleek look and will look great for years and years to come.  Each of these custom fit pieces snap into place and inter-lock with the piece next to it, even the Zero Skid Floor mat is tucked into a channel to hold it in place.  This interlocking technology offers the end user a bedliner that protects 100% of the trucks bed and sidewalls.  Gator Skin is tough Dual Liner is tougher, check out the Dual Liner bed liner for your truck protection needs.

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